Monday, November 16, 2009


Welcome New & Existing Users of the Microwave Kiln

My name is Sylvanye "Sam" Roh, a full-time warmglass artist and instructor.  I have been testing and working with this revolutionary product since June '07 and started teaching the effectiveness of its use in the design and creation of jewelry in November '08.  I travel throughout the United States instructing students on its use and teaching students abroad using video conferencing tools.  The product used in my "Microwave Kiln Jewelry" workshops is known as the "MicroKiln" and my company, Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio is one of its United States distributors.

I have discovered that hands-on training (workshops, video conferencing, etc.) written detail instructions (step-by-step with pictures, graphics, and text) and an opportunity to ask questions (How?  Why?) related to their design outcome ensures that they will create better designs, because they have gained an understanding as to what it takes to create a successful design or to correct the one they’ve created. You know the old saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  Well, its true…………..

Have you ever tried to fire a design in your microwave kiln only to have?

·      Glass melt into a blob.
·       Top sheet of glass slide off as it fuses to the base.
·       Fine silver clay shrink up into a ball.
·       Ceramic jewelry bisque melts and shrinks.
·       Enameled copper jewelry curl up onto itself,
·       Glass stick to the base or side causing the kiln material to pull away.
·       Taking longer to fire designs.
·       And many, many more ……………….

If any of these have ever happened to you, do not throw away your microwave kiln.  I can help you resolve or at least understand the problem(s) and hopefully correct it the next time you use your kiln.

Now let us discuss what this BLOG IS what and IS NOT.....................

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