Monday, November 16, 2009

What this Blog IS & IS NOT

 What this Blog IS
This blog has been created for those individuals experiencing problems using their microwave kiln to create jewelry designs.  Solutions will be provided to you in the form of text, graphics, and or pictures. The solutions provided will come from a variety of sources but primarily from users like myself who have experienced these problem first-hand and have either solved them or found a work-around.

What this Blog Is Not
This blog is not an instructional "how to create a design” but rather one that will help you improve or correct your existing or potential design.  This blog will also assist you in learning about your microwave oven as well as your microwave kiln since there are so many on the market today.


  1. I got a microwave kiln for Christmas and nothing is melting. I even got a new microwave just for the Fusework. I put the wash on the base. I used the glass in tne kit with fiber paper and still nothing is happening but brown paper. The instructions that came with the kit is vague so I ent to YouTube and I'm doing the step they suggest but nothing is working. Do you have any suggestions or should I just return it?

  2. Hello there, the fiber paper has a binder that is holding it together and when it burns out the paper turns brown, black and back white again. You just need to leave your design in the kiln and continue to add additional minutes viewing your design between minutes to ensure that the paper has turned back white and that your design is fully fused (rounded).

    Keep a note of the total minutes you have used to fuse this particular type of design for future firings.

    Please let me know if this help. In the meantime, checkout and join the Facebook Group, "Microwave Kiln Glass Fanatics" and there you will find additional information regarding the microwave kiln and more; also please LIKE my Facebook page, Designs by Sylvanye Glass Teaching Studio and their I talk about the MWK and also offer giveaways.