Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Microwave Kiln - QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - Part 3

Anonymous said...
I have a dark discolored spot in the bottom of my kiln, the next piece I fired kind of exploded all over the kiln. Have I ruined it?

Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio said….
No, No, No you have not ruined your kiln.  I do however recommend that you fire on a thick piece of fiber paper (1/8”), which will act like a shelf, and then use thin fire fiber paper (1/32”) to fuse your design on.  This will do several things such as:
-        keep the bottom of your kiln from being damaged or discolored
-        acts as a shelf
-        cushions your designs and renders them with a nice flat bottom
-        and much more……………
I hope my answer helps……………….
Lillian J. said...
Can you fire Bronze Clay or Copper Clay in the microwave kiln?

Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio said...
No, you cannot fire (sinter) Bronze Clay or Copper Clay that requires the use of carbon in the microwave kiln today however; I am in the process of testing the NEW COPPER CLAY.

One has been created by Art Clay and another by Hadar Jacobson; neither requiring the use of carbon and the extra tools.

I will post my results as soon as my testing is completed.


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