Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Microwave Kiln - QUESTIONS & ANSWERS - Part 1

Sally Wooten said...
Hi Sam!

I'm happy to find this site as I just watched a YouTube video about fusing glass in the microwave using a microwave Kiln. I'm going to do some more research before I invest in this though.

Do you recommend one brand of MK over another?


Sally Wooten

Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio said...
Hello Sally, so happy you found my site. As a glass fuser and instructor, I always like to test products before I recommend them and in this case, it is the MicroKiln out of Canada. I have worked with this particular MK and others over the course of 2 years and have found the MicroKiln to be the best thus far and have become one of their US distributors. In addition, the step-by-step instructions you receive with your MicroKiln were written by me an end-user. In addition, if you purchase one of my MicroKilns, you would be free to ask me directly any questions regarding its usage in the design of your jewelry.

You can find information regarding the MicroKiln on my Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio website at, http://www.designsbysylvanye.com.


Lillian J. said...
Where can I purchase the MicroKiln that you speak about? It sounds like you have done all the testing and can help if we have any problems. Can you give me some information without me having to go out to different websites and search for it. Can I purchase a Microkiln from you and if so what all do I get and what is the cost.


Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio said...
You can purchase the MICROKILN directly from my homepage website at www.designsbysylvanye.com or Cut & Paste this link into your website browser: http://www.designsbysylvanye.com/id60.html

Yes, I have been testing microwave kilns for a while now and know that the MicroKiln can do all as advertised.

The cost of the MicroKiln from my website is $125 USD (largest microwave kiln sold in the US) and comes with the following:
- 5 Sheets Fiberpaper
- 1 Fiber Shelf
- 1 MultiPen fusing-enamel paint
- Instructions for firing jewelry using an 800 - 1100 watt microwave oven

Shipping via USPS and no more than $13.00 if shipped within US
Payment can be made via PayPal or via any major credit card.

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  1. Can I use the micro kiln to fuse glass beads?