Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello Everyone, Lily Pad and I are so sorry it has taken us so long to get back with you but we have had a great time designing and creating and now as you can see she is all tuckered out.

Now to reveal my results.  I have tested the following metal clays over the past two weeks using the MicroKiln with varying power levels, temps and more and below are my findings:

The New Prometheus Bronze Clay from Turkey is a fantastic clay that is easy to work with, dries very hard thus making it nice to file or reshape.  It works fantastic in a conventional glass kiln but not in the MicroKiln.  I tested designs ranging from 2 to 8 cards thick with varying power levels, temps and more and my designs only came out perfectly sintered once out of 12 firings.

Note:  This metal clay is not available in the US at this time.

Hadar Jacobson's new Bronze & Copper quickfire metal clays come in a powder form which makes it nice because you only use what you need and never have to worry about it drying out on you.  It is also a fantastic clay to work with and both clays can be intermixed.  Unfortunately, I was never able to get it to sinter in the MicroKiln and this was  after  performing all of the same test conducted above. Hadar has an excellent blog called Hadar's Blog.

Silver Smith's Metal Clay Powder is fine silver metal clay that comes in powder form and that I am happy to say fires and sinters fantastically in the MicroKiln as well as a conventional glass kiln.  It has all the same benefits of using powder like that of Hadar's metal clay powders.  Hadar and this company both have videos on YouTube on how to mix it.

Other metal clays forthcoming for testing are:

  • Salt Lake Metal Silver Powder
  • Claymania Art Clay Powder

Metal Clays that have been tested to fire and sinter perfectly in the MicroKiln are:
  • PMC Silver family of metal clay products
  • Art Clay Silver family of metal clay products
  • Art Clay Copper
  • Silver Smith's Metal Clay Powder
I welcome your comments and suggestions and results of any testing you have done.  If you would like to contact me privately you may email me at:  MKhelpdesk@comcast.net


    1. Thanks for the info !

    2. Thanks for the information. I have had great success with glass and the microwave kiln but no good results with clays. I will test those you mention.