Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello Everyone, they said "Better Late Than Never" so here I am.

As mentioned in several post sometime back I discussed and provided pictures of designs I created using Glass Clay.  Now I would like to give you a listing of the various glass clay products I tested and their results using the MicroKiln (a brand of microwave kiln that I use and a distributor of):
  • Kaiser Glass - formulated with CMC
  • Steider Studios - originally formulated with seaweed
  • Steider Studios - new formulated with proprietary medium
  • Claymania (GlasClay) - formulated with proprietary medium
Good News!  I have found all four of the Glass Clay products mentioned above fired successfully in the MIcroKiln.  The appearance will either be glossy or matte depending on the one used based on their respective medium and the base will either be smooth or a little bit rough.

Paula Radke best known for her handmade dichroic glass designs has created a new line of Glass Clay which is being introduced at Bead Fest - Santa Fe in March.  I hope to have an opportunity to test it next month.

I hope you found the information above beneficial.


I received an email last month from Marti who asked if I would identify the various pictures displayed in the post entitled, "LET'S GET STARTED - MICROKILN (Microwave Kiln)" dated    11/16/09 that depicts some of the things that could go wrong when using a microwave kiln (the bad & the ugly).  I am happy to let Marti and all who are interested know that the pictures have been labeled with the following information:
I hope the information provided proves helpful to everyone.  Thank you Marti for your inquiry.