Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Largest Microwave Kiln



Largest Microwave Kiln Back In Stock

ONLY $305

Call: (615) 397-6406 or Email: for pricing and shipping information

Outside Dimensions:  9" x 4  1/2"

Inside  Dimensions:  6 1/4" x 2  3/8" 

User-friendly MicroKiln User Manual

FREE Instructional Jewelry Tutorial w/ Pictures

Support via Email and Skype

No This Is Not A CAKE - This picture represents the 3 sizes of MicroKilns

Note:  We have elected not to sell the smaller version since it will only accommodate one average size pendant/cab.  The Medium size is the most common one sold and can accommodate up to seven 1" pendants/cab.
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New product offerings for use with the MicroKiln are coming shortly