Thursday, October 29, 2015

There are 3 size Microwave Kilns on the market for retail use today. Many of you think you have a large kiln because the seller stated that but in actuality you only have a medium size. To aid you in identifying your kilns size, please refer to the text below which corresponds with the attached picture.
To determine the actual firing size of your kiln measure the platform portion of the kiln's bottom and not the entire bottom.

TOP KILN = Small (platform/firing base measures 3") will accommodate (3) 1" square pendants

MIDDLE KILN = Medium (platform/firing base measures 4.5") will accommodate up to (7) 1" square pendants

BOTTOM KILN = Large/Grande (platform/firing base measures 6.5") will accommodate up to (15) 1" square pendants

I hope the information provided above proves beneficial.


There are generally two reasons for hot spots. 
1. You are not using a microwave oven rotating tray. Believe it or not microwave ovens can create their own hot spots and if your MWK is not rotating the majority of heat will transfer to a spot on your MWK hood.
Solution: Put the turntable back in or replace the microwave oven.
2. Not enough graphite coating in the hood of your MWK in that spot. In other words the coating was not evenly distributed.
Solution: Re-coat that area of your hood with the repair & recharge kit which includes graphite coating material as well as base repair material.
Hope this helps..... pictures provided by:  Ann Watson of Facebook

Monday, September 28, 2015

Learn to Freeze & Fuse Glass

Polar Freezing  and Fusing Glass Designs

Learn to Freeze and Fuse Glass in a microwave kiln using Fuseworks Polar Fuse Glass Casting frit and molds at the lowest price available.

Create Fun and Funky 3D Casting Designs
Use with Polar Fuse frit  assortments to create custom 3D art in your Fuseworks Microwave or regular glass kiln.  Four 2 1/2" molds feature funky steam-punk designs.

Simply mix frit with water, freeze then remove from mold and fire in your microwave or regular  glass kiln to create one-of-a-kind 3D art glass jewelry and funky designs

Mix Polar Fuse ColorsPour to Fill the Mold

1. Mix Polar Fuse color2. Pour to fill the mold


Freeze Your Filled MoldRelease the Frozen Shape from the Mold

Freeze Your Filled MoldRelease the Frozen Shape from the Mold

Sunday, February 15, 2015



This mini microwave kiln from FUSEWORKS will allow you to fuse glass, fire & sinter specific metal clays, fire ceramic to bisque; glaze, create freeze/fuse glass, and much more...........

It will be shipped or handed to you with the following:
- User Instructions written by Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio
- 2 microwave kiln fiber shelves
- 5 sheets of Bullseye thin-fire fiber paper
- Sample pack of COE 90 glass
- Mosaic dichroic glass pendant project sheet written by DGSGS
- Phone, Email or Skype contact support

Anyone from anywhere can enter this contest:
1. LIKE my Facebook Business Page - Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio Facebook Page
2. Write a brief statement explaining how you or the person you are recommending can use a microwave kiln.
3. Pay shipping postage (if applicable)

4. Contest ends on SUNDAY, MARCH 14 @ 7:00 CST

Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio will draw a name from the FIVE best statements submitted.  The five names will be displayed on MARCH 17.

ONE LUCK WINNER will be announced on MARCH 20.

Have FUN and get as many people as you can to recommend and submit a statement on your behalf. 

Don't forget to LIKE or have them LIKE this page Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio Facebook Page before submitting. GOOD LUCK!