Monday, September 28, 2015

Learn to Freeze & Fuse Glass

Polar Freezing  and Fusing Glass Designs

Learn to Freeze and Fuse Glass in a microwave kiln using Fuseworks Polar Fuse Glass Casting frit and molds at the lowest price available.

Create Fun and Funky 3D Casting Designs
Use with Polar Fuse frit  assortments to create custom 3D art in your Fuseworks Microwave or regular glass kiln.  Four 2 1/2" molds feature funky steam-punk designs.

Simply mix frit with water, freeze then remove from mold and fire in your microwave or regular  glass kiln to create one-of-a-kind 3D art glass jewelry and funky designs

Mix Polar Fuse ColorsPour to Fill the Mold

1. Mix Polar Fuse color2. Pour to fill the mold


Freeze Your Filled MoldRelease the Frozen Shape from the Mold

Freeze Your Filled MoldRelease the Frozen Shape from the Mold


  1. do i start kiln process right out of the freezer, or thaw it in place first

  2. Thank you for your question regarding this process. Some artist say they let it thaw out a bit but I find that unnecessary and in some cases it thaws too much. So my response would be to process it right out of the freezer. Hope this helps.......

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